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Equity Release for the Elderly

Is this you – are you getting pension crunched?

After a lifetime of work you’ve made it to retirement but you are not able to enjoy the lifestyle you hoped for? You are getting “pension squeezed” because lately things have been getting more expensive……

It will not surprise you to know that one of the main reasons for considering equity release is the growing trend for “topping up” inadequate pensions. For most applicants an extra £50-100/week can make the difference between just getting by or actually enjoying ones retirement.

As well as a pension top-up, funds can be raised for just about any purpose: home improvements, pay off mounting credit card bills, fund private medical treatment due to long NHS waiting list, help family with school fees etc...

Requirement: Homeowners over the age of 55, but ideally if you are at pensionable age (65+)

Note: Releasing equity from your home will have an impact on reducing any inheritance you intend to leave. It is therefore advisable to discuss the implications with any beneficiaries.

Qualified impartial advice: The FSA (Financial Conduct Authority) now requires consultants to hold additional accredited qualifications to advise on equity release –only a small proportion of the industry holds the necessary qualifications.

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